Anders Gjennestad aka Strøk, is an author of surreal visual poetry. An array of figures striding along the walls of buildings, casting long shadows is a trademark style of his. Images designed for the double-take, to upset our lazy gaze, accustomed to the empty and predictable.Strøk is a stencil artist that works both in a studio under his birth name and on the city streets as Strøk.


His multi-layered stencil work contains extraordinary detail creating photorealistic images that play with both our perception and perspective in equal measures. His characters seem to inhabit an alternative universe where gravity seemingly doesn’t exist and time is frozen. Through a tear in reality the viewer gains a fleeting glimpse of other possibilities or possibilities of the “other,” physical and supernatural.


Strøk’s characters are often juxtaposed and placed specifically against the ruination of factory walls, rusted metal and decaying plasterwork.

2019 — Design by Studio Bergini — Code by Tortuga Labs