An intrinsic part of the early days of Nuart Festival, The Dotmasters has acted as producer, sometimes co-curator and artist at previous events. For this years edition of Nuart Aberdeen he returns under his Dotmasters guise to create street-based illusions that will fool your mind with his sideways look at populist media and a typical English sense of humour. The Dotmasters work can be found anywhere from a pikey trailer park to the penthouses of the rich and famous. Additionally, his work has featured in both Banksy’s Cans Festival as well as his Oscar nominated feature film ‘Exit Through The Gift Shop’.


Recently, Dotmasters debut solo show in Paris; Mind in the Gutter, enabled the artist to stay faithful to the vandal inside the artist and additionally exhibited the provocative essense of urban art. These playful factors along with his impeccable techniques will join the artist in the streets of Aberdeen.

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