Helen Bur is a British artist currently working between the UK and abroad; on the road, in temporary studios and across walls. In the studio she works with traditional techniques applying oil to canvas or linen with palate knife and brush, whilst co-existing in the urban mural scene, wielding brush, roller and masonry paint to create larger-than-life works on walls. Through these varying mediums she explores and embraces painting’s role and ability to provide a contemporary social narrative. Weaving together images from the mass and online media through digital collage, she examines how the oversaturation of imagery and information can leave us in a state of disorientation or confusion where our own narratives about our reality are subconsciously formed, creating a position of daily surreality as the norm.


Bur’s work can be seen adoring walls across the globe from Brazil to India where she has participated in notable projects and festivals such as Asalto Festival (Spain), St+art India (India), Women Of The World Festival (UK), I Be Lady O (Africa), Stilbruch (Germany), Upfest (UK) and Ibug (Germany) as well as co-directing her own street art festival, Empty Walls, and gallery, The Abacus, for two years in the UK.



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