Julio Anaya Cabanding is taken by his mission to carry out pictorial interventions in abandoned places. Painting trompe l’oeil paintings, considered works of art of the pictorial tradition and displacing these paintings to inhospitable and decadent places. By leaving the safe and comfortable space of a studio, Julio Anya Cabanding actively searches for abandoned places to inhabit them for short periods of time. The resulting artistic pieces are not just paintings that pretend to be such in its relationship with the environment, but rather a piece that tells a story of symbolically unlocking the paintings from the sacralized space of the museum to place them in other places, generating new meanings in that encounter.


Julio’s commitment to this unique and poetic art form is sparked by the perception that they are icons of the pictorial tradition and considered works of art that any person, with more or less knowledge of the art world, accepts and identifies as art in capital letters. By combining this pictorial tradition and the rhetoric of the world of graffiti, the artists interventions take place within margins of risk which in many cases have been infamous for creating reactions of rejection that turn his work into a totally ephemeral proposal.



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