Nuart On Film with MZM Projects

We’re delighted to be welcoming MZM PROJECTS aka Kristina Borhes and Nazar Tymoschuk to Nuart Plus.



For the last few years the duo have been on hand during both Nuart Aberdeen and Nuart Festival, becoming vital members of the festival production team but also documenting many of the incredible Nuart artist’s. ‘Imaginary City’ is a poetic visual essay which traverses the history of Nuart Festival as a way to explore the magical ability of street art to change our ways of seeing the city, and the stories that we tell ourselves.



But to gain a proper insight into a festival like Nuart you need to spend a few days in the field where you might be helping paste up a billboard one minute, 60ft up in a cherry picker the next or wandering around the cities back alleys in search of the perfect spot for a little intervention. The vision of the festival acts as  prisim through which the artists work is refracted out into the city creating moments  on the streets which can often challenge the viewer whether its sinking oil tankers by M – City or patched up walls filled with Lego bricks via Jan Vormann.



Indeed the breadth of artists working across the different realms at Nuart Festival proved a great subject matter for MZM whos film’s delve a little deeper than the usual street art festival promos and hope to answer some of the who, what and why surrounding the sometimes large but often small interventions that occur every September. With many shared values, MZM Projects acts as a vehicle for research and in the ever expanding field of street art, they distil answers direct from the artists and of course festival organiser Martyn Reed. As a result the ‘Inspiring City’ is unique to its subject location in Stavanger but also looks at the universal nature of artists placing work in the public realm, a story that is played out across the globe from war zones to council estates and of course in our town centres.

MZM said about the film:


“This documentary aims to discover what makes some cities more vivid than others. The slow pace of ‘Imaginary City’ allures us into a zone where time disappears. It shows the art on the streets of Stavanger as if the viewers are drifting through the city on their own listening to the stories that evoke from the smallest signs on the walls. At the end the visual essay it provides the answer to the question asked at the beginning. It assumes that genuine street art changes the people on the streets (it inspires, encourages, instructs, teaches them to look deeper) and those people are changing the city by themselves in a way nobody else could.



“Imaginary City” intentionally avoids everything that one can expect from the mainstream street art movie. It is not meant to impress, but rather to give an insight into philosophy embraced by one of the oldest street art festivals in the world.”



As a festival Nuart works with artists who are producing topical and engaging work and we’ve been lucky to have MZM on hand to capture some of the ‘moments’ in between during our productions and we’re delighted to be showing their first full length film ‘Imaginary City’ at Nuart Plus this April. Years in the making, the film features interviews and stunning artworks from Ernest Zacharevic, Martin Whatson, Know Hope, Robert Montgomery, Fintan Magee (who’s Aberdeen mural features Kristinas legs!) Ememem and Helen Bur to name a few, (artists who will soon be making their mark on the streets of Aberdeen) and gives a great insight into the world of Nuart and contemporary street art.



The duo will be premiering ‘Imaginary City’ on Friday 19th April at the Belmont Filmhouse at 2.15pm. The screening is free and will be followed by a Q&A session with MZM Projects so be sure to get down.


You can find out more about MZM Projects here.

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