A behind-the-scenes look at Nuart AberdeEn 2018

Obair Ealain (Street Art) is a new Gaelic-language, feature-length documentary by Midas Media which follows the progress and impact of Nuart Aberdeen 2018!



Midas Media embedded themselves with the festival production crew, Nuart artists and local volunteers to uncover what makes Nuart Aberdeen so special and, along with interviews with Nuart founder Martyn Reed, have managed to create a film which traces the highs, the lows and everything in between. The film looks at the pressures and strains of running a festival the scale of Nuart Aberdeen and the drama which often unfolds behind closed doors: missed flights, faulty generators and adverse weather just a few of the problems to contend with.


But there’s plenty of light at the end of each tunnel as we see the team step up to the challenges whilst Carrie Reichardt, Milu Correch, Snik and Bortusk Leer amongst others gives us an insight into their work and what Nuart means to them. We also have to give a special mention to our friends at Painted Doors Aberdeen, many of who’s artists form an integral part of the production crew and volunteer to help us each year.


We’re delighted with the outcome of the documentary and couldn’t be prouder of the team and our incredible volunteers, without whom we really couldn’t have done it. You can read a brief summary of the film from Midas Media below:


“Twelve world-famous street artists have come from all corners of the globe for one of Europe’s biggest street art events to paint the grey streets of Aberdeen red (and blue, and green…). They have five days, 600 cans of spray paint, 200 buckets of paint and 50 volunteers to help them complete their work before the provocative new street art festival: Nuart Aberdeen 2018 opens. Edgy, stunning, subversive; their work has made a real impact.


Leeds-born Stavanger-based artist Martyn Reed, who founded Nuart, is on a mission to remove the barriers that place art on a pedestal – and return it to the people. He wants to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, giving rise to the 2018 festival’s theme ‘A Revolution of the Ordinary’. We get behind the scenes to see what makes the artists tick, what inspires their work, how they create their work and how they cope when the weather turns. The results provoke reactions. Some good, some bad and in one case the art proves just too much and has to be taken down.”


Obair Ealain (Street Art) was broadcast on BBC ALBA on Wednesday 19th September at 9pm and repeated on Monday 24th September at 10:30pm.

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