radio juxtapoz x nuart aberdeen

Long time Nuart supporter and editor in chief at Juxtapoz Magazine Evan Pricco has been venturing into the world of online radio along with co host Doug Gillen of Fifth Wall TV. The duo delve deep into the here and now with interviews, ruminations and in depth conversations with some of the most exciting names in the art world.



So it’s a great honour to have them record a special podcast live and direct from this years Nuart Aberdeen! It’s humbling to hear first hand what Nuart means to them both and the impact the festival has on the wider street art conversation. And what about those exicting names? Well Axel Void gets deep into his personal history and his process for creating 2 brand new murals in Aberdeen, VHILS speaks about the history and forgotten stories he hopes to reveal with his new piece and Proffesor Jeff Ferrel speaks about dumpster diving and thinking about the city in new terms, who knew the parallels of the intrepid graffiti writer and the academic dumpster diver!



It’s a great insight into this years festival and Nuart Plus which aims to connect people, place and the leading academics in the field of street art through an open platform including artist talks, panel debates and film screenings. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this years events and special thanks to Doug & Evan.





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